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The US Federal Communications Commission has proposed a record fine against an auto warranty robocall campaign that impacted millions of Americans.

In a statement, the FCC said they were pursuing a record-breaking $300 million fine against two Americans, Roy Cox and Michael Aaron Jones, and their company “Sumco Panama.” According to the FCC, the company conducted an average of 77 million robocalls daily that would trick individuals into thinking their car had lost its warranty.

In a statement, FCC Enforcement Bureau Chief Loyaan Egal said, “We will be relentless in pursuing the groups behind these schemes by limiting their access to US communications networks and holding them to account for their conduct.”

According to the FCC, in 3 months, the company made 5 billion illegal robocalls to 500 million unique phone numbers. The calls also caught the attention of state governments, including Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, who sued the company for an “unlawful and complex robocall scheme, at times besieging consumers with more than 77 million robocalls a day to generate sales leads.”


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