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Russia’s defense ministry has deployed a mobile missile defense system on an Island near Japan.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, The Bastion systems were deployed to the Russian island of Paramushir on Monday. Paramushir is located on a chain of islands that separates Russia from Japan.

The Russian military also set up a camp on the island with facilities supporting a year-long deployment. They added, “coastal servicemen of the Pacific Fleet will keep a round-the-clock watch to control the adjacent water area and strait zones.”

Japan reacts:
Hirokazu Matsuno, A top Japanese military official, commented on the news of Russian deployments near their border, saying their military would closely monitor Russian military activity in the area. Matsuno also noted that despite Russia’s new deployment, Japan has been taking steps to deploy additional troops around their territories.

More about the Bastion air defense systems:
The Bastion system has a maximum flight range of 310 miles. The missiles are believed to travel up to mach three and have a flight ceiling of almost 9 miles.


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