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The Judge who approved a search warrant on former President Donald Trump’s home has ordered the Justice Department to release a redacted version of the affidavit.

US Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart said he believes “there are portions of the affidavit that could be unsealed.” Following his statement, Judge Reinhart ordered the Justice Department to file a redacted version of the affidavit by noon next Thursday.

Judge Reinhart’s comments come as multiple news outlets have filed a lawsuit demanding that the affidavit be released. Charles Tobin, an attorney representing the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, ABC News, and NBC news said “The public could not have a more compelling interest in ensuring maximum transparency over this event.”

The Justice Department has been fighting against releasing the affidavit, claiming it could hinder their active investigation. Jay Bratt, the head of the DOJ’s counterintelligence, said “there is another public interest at stake and that is the public interest that criminal investigations are able to go forward unimpeded.”


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