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Ukraine’s first lady Olena Zelenska has called on U.S. lawmakers to provide additional weapons to Ukraine as the war continues on.

Ukraine’s first lady Olena Zelenska

In a speech to congressional leaders, Zelenska said “An unprovoked invasive terrorist war is being waged against my country. Russia is destroying our people. We remain completely broken when our world is destroyed by war. Tens of thousands of such worlds have been destroyed in Ukraine.”

President Biden, First lady Jill Biden, and Ukraine’s first lady Olena Zelenska

Zelenska also showed pictures and videos of children that have been wounded or killed. She highlighted a three-year-old boy who is now in Germany learning how to use prosthetic limbs saying “How many children like him are there in Ukraine? How many families like this are going to be destroyed by the war? These are Russia’s Hunger Games.”

Following the speech, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle reacted.

Senator Richard Blumenthal (left), Ukrainian President Zelensky (middle), and Senator Lindsey Graham (right)

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said “They’re not asking for U.S. soldiers. They are asking for U.S. weapons. I think now’s the time to put together another aid package to go into 2023 with a supply of advanced weapons and economic assistance to stay in the fight.”

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham

Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal said “What we saw here was human tragedy right before our eyes, innocent people murdered. Why? Because they are Ukrainians. That’s genocide. That’s what happened in World War Two. And that needs to be stopped.”

Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal


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