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Following the end of the US-hosted Summit of Americas, President Biden and other global leaders from the Western Hemisphere have created a new plan meant to “tackle the regional migration crisis.”

The United States and 20 countries unveiled their new plan, dubbed the “Los Angeles Declaration.” The declaration by the nation includes a significant investment into Latin American countries struggling with pandemic recovery. In addition, the United States, Mexico, and Canada will accept more central American workers as “guest laborers.”

In remarks, President Biden said “We’re transforming our approach to manage migration in the Americas. Each of us are signing up to commitments that recognize the challenges we all share.” Despite the agreements, some say that the new commitments by nations may not be enough to discourage migrants from continuing to make the dangerous (and sometimes fatal) journey. In the last year, migration numbers along the southern border have almost tripled with many saying they are fleeing corruption, rising crime, and severe economic challenges.


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