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A Top US General says that China’s infrastructure activity near its border with India is “alarming and eye-opening.” This comes as China continues to build bridges, update military installations, and install other military infrastructure near the Indian border.

General Charles A Flynn

While visiting India, General Charles A Flynn (the commanding General of US Army Pacific) called China’s actions “destabilizing and corrosive behavior.” General Flynn adds “I believe that the activity level is eye-opening. I think some of the infrastructure that is being created in the Western Theatre Command is alarming. One has to ask the question, why? I think it is worthy of us to work together as a counterweight to some of those corrosive and corrupted behaviors that the Chinese [demonstrate]. China’s incremental and insidious path is destabilizing.”

The General’s visit foreshadows high-level joint military exercises set to be held by India and the United States. According to the General, the exercises are meant to simulate high-altitude warfare. The General says the military exercises between the two nations “are all invaluable opportunities that the Indian and US Army can capitalize on.”


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