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We have attached 43 exclusive videos from inside China showing the current situation. The videos will appear at the bottom of the story.

The Chinese government is doubling down on its “zero COVID” policies and is continuing to send millions of Chinese citizens to “quarantine camps” where they can spend up to a month in isolation before leaving. In addition to the camps, the government has rolled out almost daily mass testing and sophisticated technology to monitor those who do not comply.

According to numbers obtained by Our World in Data, China reported 4,547 new COVID cases on May 22 and had a seven-day average of 5,172. The country also reported 1 COVID death on May 22 and had a seven-day average of 2.

Data provided by “Our World in Data”

Despite the relatively low numbers for a population of approximately 1.5 billion people, China continues to maintain these restrictions are necessary, which has drawn criticism from the World Health Organization.

Recently, the World Health Organization released a statement criticizing the government’s restrictive policies put in place to eradicate COVID. In an interview, chief doctor of emergencies for the World Health Organization, Dr. Michael Ryan, called China’s “zero COVID” strategy “not sustainable.” Dr. Ryan said “We understand why the initial response of China was to try and suppress infections to the maximum level (but) that strategy is not sustainable and other elements of the strategic response needs to be amplified. Vaccination efforts should continue to be emphasized and a suppression-only strategy is not a sustainable way to exit the pandemic for any country.”

The recent criticism from top leaders at the World Health Organization is a very rare rebuke on China’s handling of COVID. In the past, some have accused the World Health Organization of being relatively passive in regards to China. One example includes World Health Organization investigators taking over a year to travel to China to investigate the origins of COVID-19.

Attached are videos: 

Video of a Chinese quarantine camp obtained by a construction worker in a nearby building. These camps are being constructed all over the country and can be fully operational in four days. 

Exclusive video we’ve obtained from inside a Chinese quarantine camp. Those inside are locked in 23 hours a day.

Chinese pandemic workers check citizens phones for credentials to be outside. Their phones have a QR Code that will reveal if they’ve taken their mandatory COVID screening / have come into contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID. 

Pandemic workers inside a quarantine camp give food to those locked down.

Pandemic workers distribute food inside a quarantine camp. 

Very rare footage showing government officials monitoring a screen that has been dubbed “smart city.” This system allows officials to monitor citizens. The color code reflects the following. Green means you’ve submitted your mandatory COVID tests and have tested negative for COVID. Yellow means you should go home and quarantine (where a test will be brought to you). Red means you need to be in a quarantine camp. 

5/21 Citizens line up to be bussed away to Quarantine camps

Pandemic workers are seen locking doors of those who need to be quarantined. 

Video of busses lining up to move thousands of citizens to quarantine camps. 

Video we’ve obtained from a bus driver. In the video, the driver films one of the many camps.

Video from inside a quarantine camp. Pandemic workers pass food to those locked down. 


A man commits suicide from his balcony during lockdown. His building was reportedly on day 19 of lockdown. 

Electric fence, barbwire, and motion alarms installed outside a quarantine camp

Police and Pandemic workers armed

Residents of a building that has been in lockdown for 26 days create a makeshift latter and escape from their building. Online reports suggest the residents had no food for three days. 

Chinese residents line up to be bussed away to quarantine camps

A pandemic worker distributes food at a quarantine camp. 

A robot dog walks in a city broadcasting a message for residents to submit to a COVID testing if they have not done so. 

What appears to be Chinese military members (unconfirmed). Theres been speculation growing that China has deployed some military members to keep order in cities as residents are beginning to riot.

Video taken by an individual in a quarantine camp. They are in complete isolation and not allowed to step outside to receive food. 

A drone plays an audio message for residents in a neighborhood. The message advises them to come outside and take a COVID test

Chinese citizens rationing their food amid supply issues. 

An elderly woman is held down by pandemic workers and forced to take a COVID test after refusing to do so. 

A pandemic worker sprays a chemical disinfectant on citizens waiting in a line.

A government checkpoint that uses technology to verify citizens COVID test status, their temperature, if they’ve come into contact with someone who has COVID, and if they’re allowed to be out. 

Pandemic workers arrive at a woman’s house and remove her forcibly after refusing to go to a quarantine camp. A resident above films. 

Chinese citizens protest

Police arrest two individuals for refusing to go to a quarantine camp. They are dragged out of their home and put in the back of a police car. 

An individual records their arrival to a quarantine camp. 

An individual documents their arrival to a quarantine camp. 

Pandemic workers and Police detain individuals not able to leave the country at an airport. Allegedly these individuals had their green cards torn up. Many affluent Chinese citizens have been trying to leave the country. 

Pandemic workers arrive at a residential complex and prepare to bus all residents to quarantine camps due to an outbreak. Reportedly, 6 people in the complex of 1700 tested positive for COVID. 

Video of a COVID Camp

A small mall is shut down after two individuals test positive for COVID. Citizens attempt to flee before police and pandemic workers arrive. After arriving, all those at the mall would be tested and sent for mandatory quarantine. 

Police arrest a woman for refusing to go to a quarantine camp

An American citizen talks about the situation in China and news that he will be heading to a quarantine camp. 

A drone sprays an unknown chemical (most likely a disinfectant) over a neighborhood in China. 

A Chinese influencer documents her arrival to a quarantine camp. 

View from inside a quarantine camp. 

Pandemic workers get into a fight with citizens.

Pandemic workers spray disinfectant in the streets of Shanghai.

Citizens line up to submit to their COVID testing


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