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UPDATE: Peyton Gendron has pleaded not guilty, photo taken as he waits for the judge

Peyton Gendron pictured in initial bail hearing

Ten people were killed and three others injured after a gunman attacked a grocery store in Buffalo, New York.

Picture outside the Tops supermarket in Buffalo

This all started after police received calls of an active shooter at the Tops supermarket located on Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo city, New York. The shooter, Identified as Peyton Gendron (18), was wearing body armor, tactical gloves, camouflage pants, and what appeared to be a mask over his head. Video obtained from the scene shows the shooter being taken into custody by police as many innocent people are seen motionless outside the store.

The shooter recorded the entire shooting via live stream on Twitch. The video (which has since been taken down) shows the shooter positioning his vehicle in front of the store, getting out of the car, and then firing his rifle at people inside and outside the store. In addition to the video, the shooter created a to-do list (in early March) detailing what he needed to do before the shooting and a 106 page manifesto detailing his reasoning for the shooting (attached at bottom)

Pictures taken of the shooter after police arrested him

Pictures taken of the shooter after police arrested him

In the shooter’s to-do list, he writes the following :

  1. Continue writing manifesto
  2. Fix leftism equality
  3. Clean and oil AR, fully load mags, and write an important list on guns with a sharpie
  4. Write 4chan, 8chan, and discord posts (communication platforms)
  5. Make a goodbye list
  6. Make a better map and draw plans out
  7. Put anti-fog solution on glasses.

Shooters to-do list posted on discord 

Additional photos attached (VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED)

Screen grab from the livestream

Edited version of the live stream, Full version at the bottom of page (viewer discretion is advised)

A picture of the Shooter Manifesto 

Another photo from the shooters manifesto

Additional photo from the shooters manifesto

Additional photo from the shooters manifesto

UNCENSORED VIDEO (we are aware that some users are having issues with loading the video, we’ve posted on two different formats here. If it does not load, click here


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