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In the last week, seven Russian military units stationed in Syria have been relocated to various military bases in the Mediterranean, where they will then be deployed to Ukraine. Russia has also reportedly handed over some operational bases in Syria to Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guards Corps and Hezbollah. Information we have gathered shows Russia transferred its base in Mahin to Iran. The base is one of Syria’s largest and includes 25 weapons and ammunition storage facilities.

Aerial image of Russia’s former military base in Mahin, Syria. Now handed over to Iran

The news of military transfers from Syria to Ukraine comes as the Pentagon says the Russian army has made “limited” progress in the second phase of the war. They also add that Russian troops have low morale, weak command, and inadequate logistics.


According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, 63,000 Russian troops were deployed to Syria between 2015 and 2018. Russian troops have been operating in Syria for “peacekeeping” missions and have also bolstered up Syrian President Bashar al Assad.

Russian President Vladimir Putin pictured with Syrian President Bashar al Assad


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