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As the Chinese government continues with restrictive COVID lockdowns measures due to increased cases in the country, many Chinese citizens are documenting what they describe as “hell on earth.” Over the last few months, multiple reports have been coming out of china that COVID lockdown measures imposed by the government are resulting in unnecessary beatings by police and pandemic workers, starvation, and increased suicides.

Almost all mainstream media outlets are selectively reporting on what is going on in China. Attached are eight videos we’ve obtained over the last seven days.

A man  in Shanghai stands in front of a truck and begs for food. The man indicates he has not eaten in a while and looks visibly exhausted. After the truck driver gives the man some food and the man begins to cry. 

Pandemic workers use a device to grapple Chinese citizens. This occurred in Shanghai. 

Two part video, Part 1: An old man is arrested after showing onlookers that meat he bought from a store in the province was actually donated by Hebei province to Shanghai. The stamp on the meat says it was donated. After showing people around him, many people became outraged. An officer is heard saying “take him away.

Two part video, Part 2: The old man who exposes corruption is arrested. The crowd around him is very upset and begins to surround the police. 

Police subdue a man by using duct tape  for not following COVID lockdown measures.

A man begs pandemic workers to let him go. Theres reports circulating that the man was an American citizen (we are unable to confirm).

A pandemic worker breaks into a house. He claimed the police wanted to speak to the individual inside.

Panic buying in Beijing ahead of news that citizens will be locked down for a week.

A man is detained by pandemic workers using metal “grapples.” The man reportedly did not submit to his daily testing and was caught outside.


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