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We recognize that news can bring out negative emotions in people and with that we occasionally highlight moments that show the best of people around the world. There’s a lot of negative in the news cycle right now….we hope you enjoy this story.

Since 2014, over 5,000 women hospitalized across the United States have been pampered for free thanks to the nonprofit “Simply from the heart.” The organization has been sending out volunteers dubbed “glam girls” who provide women of all ages the ability to be pampered by getting their nails, hair, and makeup done while in the hospital. The organizations founder Jackelyn Kastanis started simply from the heart when her best friend Brooke was diagnosed with cancer. While visiting Brooke, Jackelyn said “it was a very stale environment….it was very sad on her psyche…..There was nothing to kind of motivate her to feel like herself and to feel pretty.” After visiting Jackelyn assembled a “glam kit” that had makeup, nail polish, and hair to help lift her friendsspirits. She pampered Brooke and says “believe it or not, she started taking less morphine, and it changed her entire persona.”

From that moment on Jackelyn began visiting local hospitals with volunteers dubbed “glam girls” who make women of all ages feel a little extra beautiful. Jackelyn says “beauty comes from the inside out, but when you’re in the hospital, sometimes you just need some human interaction.” The “glam girls” are equipped with “glam boxes” containing 30 beauty products donated from individuals and corporations. The nonprofit has grown and now has an army of “glam girls” across the United States that are uplifting women who are fighting various illnesses.

Jackelyn says “One patient, I remember her saying, ‘These girls healed me in a way the doctors could not. ‘ Medicine and treatments help them recover, but friendship, kindness – and a little glam – help reignite the light within them”


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