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Gunmen have attacked a train traveling from the Nigerian capital, Abuja, to the city of Kaduna, in an “unprecedented” act of violence. The attackers used explosives to blow up the train tracks before opening fire on the passengers. The official death toll is unclear but at least 8 are confirmed dead, many others injured, and an unknown number of passengers have been abducted. Local media has reported that nearly 1,000 people were on board the train. Suspected bandits have contacted some Nigerian families claiming that they are holding relatives who went missing following the attack. The bandits are demanding a ransom in exchange for the safe release of their hostages.

Ibrahim Abba said that unknown men called his family informing them that they were holding his brother, who has not been seen since the attack on Tuesday night. “They assured us that (he) is safe with them,” said Abba, adding that the men said they would call back with instructions for a ransom. For a long time, armed gangs roaming north-western Nigeria have been running rampant spreading terror among communities.


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