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Canadian truck drivers protesting new COVID restrictions set by both Canada and the United States that prohibit unvaccinated truck drivers from entering both countries are continuing to gain support in the country as they make their way to Ottawa. Organizers of the group “Freedom Convoy 2022” have now raised almost $6,000,000 on GoFundMe. Organizers say the money will cover lodging and fuel for truckers and plan to stay in Ottawa for “as long as it takes”.

The news comes after the Canadian Federation of Independent Business says the vaccine mandate is creating supply shortages and driving up shipping costs in Canada. The president of CFIB says “businesses were already facing a major supply chain crunch and price increases on everything from fuel to building materials…Ottawa’s border policy threatens to exacerbate those issues at a time when small businesses can’t handle any additional costs or uncertainty.” The Canadian government and the US Department of Homeland Security say that the new requirements for truckers are meant to keep the public safe from COVID-19. Canadian and US Media outlets have heavily underreported the convoy. Canadian media outlets have claimed that the convoy is linked to white nationalist groups.

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